Be Loving And Courageously Kind … Lives Matter

You wanna abuse the system

Take matters in Your own hands

To You anything outside a badge ain’t a man

Power trippin inmate tippin

You wanna fuck the system

Let’s check that authority balance out & group up each minority

We are the people

We all have a voice to be heard

Regardless of your one word

We are the people

Don’t infringe upon Our rights before we take flight

It’s our liberty

You wanna incite the violence with Your noncompliance

Stop denying Us an for once be righteous

Use that badge for a right cause

Under the auspices of good you abuse that innocence and turned wicked

Now because of fear You’re just another scared kid

Quick to squeeze the trigger to you I’m just another dead nigger

You didn’t uphold Our values

to You it’s only pick and choose

Talk about selfish You’re helpless

Never helpful only raw the only one truly fucking the Law

You decided to draw a line now who started this War

You wanna step up and hold the power though

Well We’re holding everyone accountable

Don’t forget You’re one of Us

No one’s on the other side it’s just Us

We all have hard times so love is a must

That my friend is in the interest of all of Us it’s just Us

You need I U N I T Y

It’s Justice


Emotions by Sam Jackson

Emotions are sometimes hard to maintain, Emotions can also drive you insane, we have to learn how to contain our emotions, because you just don’t want to be in the world living and just going through the motions, Exercising both sides of your brain is one of the best things we can do, so put your emotions in The Lord hands, because he always knows what to do, If we would learn how to deal with heartache and pain, and just let it go, The Lord will never put too much on you, to the point where you can’t handle, so just blow away your stress and worries as if they were a candle, controlling your emotions is one of the key things in life, so learn how to control your emotions, and welcome yourself into your new life.


Mr. Samuel Jackson

Dem a Gag E

You were left faaar

Because you could never be right.

Dec 8th you were out of sight

Now you’re just out your mind

Talk about justice you’re so blind, deaf, and well let me not hurt your bitter feelings

Hear have a seat fine don’t sit just quit or rather not

Pull your wigs everyone other than are just pigs …

Right pay the upset ? They’ll fight.

Prop a gander and look, Charleston shuffle is your hook

LOL WTF are you ahead or just left…

Opposition transition resistance for instance

Ex streams a sex tape to denigrate a morale within the position

Doggystyle from behind

Stop playing asshole

Moral decision and contention

What’s your decision of this derision?

Politics, Semantics, what are all these antics and tics of a majority body

Its odd to see such a democracy to be

Be correct get to the direct litigated step

Cease and desist the political syst

Um , feelings stealings break all ceilings and get over the brochure

Dialect reject and come to respect ahead

A head of state a head of congress or Judiciary contest

Oh the upset I detest I must digress

Oh yeah fu@# the press

Freedom of Speech

Freedom to leach

Robin a hood for no good so shoot this Apple or Target a market and draw on your Market

Set Go


Politico oh its critical to see the correct words and usage of the words To Be

I am or is he?

You tell me pundit did I pun it or just run it

Not yet a factor fact or fiction

turn on the media and just listen

Maybe you don’t see its all a verb to be

Are we or aren’t its contractual or contrary to the narrative how imperative to understand the father

I am we

We are Us

They object

So subject them

Unite all and fall

Its all analytical You know Politico


Reality-Perception of existence

I think therefore “I am” is or perceive myself for I Am an existing “Intellectual” being sentient

Reality is a dimension or conceptual thought of ones perception, there are 9 realms of thought to the total summation of 27.

9 multiples of 3 being a complete personification of self 1 or 3 = spirit/energy (Chaos) phase 2 of 3= body/matter (order/vector) phase 3 of 3= thought/perception (unification/sum)

God (1) creates(2) man(3)/man(3) creates(2) God(1)

God in man two become one

One thinks of himself

In himself he becomes complete

Arc He

From Anarchy to Hierarchy the thought was taught

Instead to be just Me We are a part

You affect I, I cant deny this is why We fought

He thinks not a hermetic bot into his shell cries a rebel yell but to dispel a binding lot

Sit idly by as the sycophants cry to blame their lies on another disguise

As the wise protect your demise at the expense of our blood was bought

Laughing now to cry later debate her

You and I are equal now onto the sequel and resist cease and desist

Your temptation to conflagration and don’t repeat what the latter will defeat

Again don’t be the man were better down to the letter T

Them, They, They’re, Thee, Try, Tri, Tied To Thy

Now cross the eyes 3 times now 9 and be complete you don’t have to compete

Lets assist a sista a mista don’t get so pissed ya?

My Ship

I must find My Ship, into the ocean I go

A chromatic flow dark & light with a sepia glow

You know my mind is all knowing a third eye blind my mind is showing me revelations on a higher station

It gets drier with this elevation my nose bleeds

I need that water the Sea is calling

I dont know why but its my drive to go

Offshore never more captain Ahabs whore

A pirate ship to tip the scales of a triple beam its clean with accurate measure its my pleasure to bring the dream

Stitch the fabric its magic as I seam

Seem to be its my blanket of the Sea

I love I love so it must be

My Ship