Dem a Gag E

You were left faaar

Because you could never be right.

Dec 8th you were out of sight

Now you’re just out your mind

Talk about justice you’re so blind, deaf, and well let me not hurt your bitter feelings

Hear have a seat fine don’t sit just quit or rather not

Pull your wigs everyone other than are just pigs …

Right pay the upset ? They’ll fight.

Prop a gander and look, Charleston shuffle is your hook

LOL WTF are you ahead or just left…

Opposition transition resistance for instance

Ex streams a sex tape to denigrate a morale within the position

Doggystyle from behind

Stop playing asshole

Moral decision and contention

What’s your decision of this derision?

Politics, Semantics, what are all these antics and tics of a majority body

Its odd to see such a democracy to be

Be correct get to the direct litigated step

Cease and desist the political syst

Um , feelings stealings break all ceilings and get over the brochure

Dialect reject and come to respect ahead

A head of state a head of congress or Judiciary contest

Oh the upset I detest I must digress

Oh yeah fu@# the press

Freedom of Speech

Freedom to leach

Robin a hood for no good so shoot this Apple or Target a market and draw on your Market

Set Go


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