Be Loving And Courageously Kind … Lives Matter

You wanna abuse the system

Take matters in Your own hands

To You anything outside a badge ain’t a man

Power trippin inmate tippin

You wanna fuck the system

Let’s check that authority balance out & group up each minority

We are the people

We all have a voice to be heard

Regardless of your one word

We are the people

Don’t infringe upon Our rights before we take flight

It’s our liberty

You wanna incite the violence with Your noncompliance

Stop denying Us an for once be righteous

Use that badge for a right cause

Under the auspices of good you abuse that innocence and turned wicked

Now because of fear You’re just another scared kid

Quick to squeeze the trigger to you I’m just another dead nigger

You didn’t uphold Our values

to You it’s only pick and choose

Talk about selfish You’re helpless

Never helpful only raw the only one truly fucking the Law

You decided to draw a line now who started this War

You wanna step up and hold the power though

Well We’re holding everyone accountable

Don’t forget You’re one of Us

No one’s on the other side it’s just Us

We all have hard times so love is a must

That my friend is in the interest of all of Us it’s just Us

You need I U N I T Y

It’s Justice


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