Arc He

From Anarchy to Hierarchy the thought was taught

Instead to be just Me We are a part

You affect I, I cant deny this is why We fought

He thinks not a hermetic bot into his shell cries a rebel yell but to dispel a binding lot

Sit idly by as the sycophants cry to blame their lies on another disguise

As the wise protect your demise at the expense of our blood was bought

Laughing now to cry later debate her

You and I are equal now onto the sequel and resist cease and desist

Your temptation to conflagration and don’t repeat what the latter will defeat

Again don’t be the man were better down to the letter T

Them, They, They’re, Thee, Try, Tri, Tied To Thy

Now cross the eyes 3 times now 9 and be complete you don’t have to compete

Lets assist a sista a mista don’t get so pissed ya?


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